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News sharing and presentation

5. října 2011 v 12:14 | Ellrohir |  Správa Blogu
Because I have received a number of emails with news from bands, that were dedicated for presenting here, in past days, I got an idea to offer this option as a "service". I would gladly offer my blog as a place to present your own bands' news or other interesting info related to metal. According to the visits counter I have some readers already, as well as some fair relevancy among Google, so this blog can become a place from where the news can hit the metal crowd. Obviously I don't want anything in return, only you should try to remember my blog and you should tell other people about it, if you can. That would be kind :)

There's only one limit - my blog is in Czech language, so it is relevant for info we can use here in our country in the middle of Europe (that means - album releases are more than welcome, gigs in USA probably aren't that interesting for Czech people overseas). Thanks for understanding ;)

If you would like to present some info or news, you can leave a comment here or send the materials to my email -

Looking forward to your news :)

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